About the Foundation

Goals, structure and operation of the Hackspace Foundation

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Organisational Structure of the Foundation

Considerations for the Foundation, and obligations of its members:


  • The Hackspace Foundation ("Organisation") exists to further its goals to the benefit of its members
  • The Organisation's membership is made up of hackspaces (Member Spaces) and individuals (Supporter Members), see Articles of Association and the Membership section below
  • All members are required to follow the Code of Conduct
  • The Organisation is directed by a small, elected managing board
  • The Organisation's focus is on high-level co-ordination and support, not the running of individual hackspaces
  • The Organisation was incorporated on the 9th January 2017


  • There are two classes of membership to the Organisation:
    • Member Hackspaces ("Member Spaces")
    • Supporter Members ("Members")
  • Votes are weighted 80:20 towards Member Spaces - see Articles of Association for details

Member Spaces

  • An organisation may join as a Member Space if it meets the Foundation's requirements for membership
  • Applications to join the Organisation as a Member Space will be reviewed and accepted at the discretion of the board
  • Member Spaces must pay a minimum yearly membership fee of £20, but the recommended donation for 2017 is 2% of surplus - this will be reconsidered by the membership in 2018
  • If an Member Space's membership fee goes unpaid for two months after being requested, it will cease to be a member.
  • Member Spaces must each appoint 1-2 people to the Organisation as representatives ("Representatives")
    • These Representatives hold 1 Member Space vote between them, subject to the weighting applied to Member Spaces
    • Representatives do not have to pay an individual membership fee

Supporter Members

  • The Organisation has one or more Supporter Members who support its objectives.
  • Supporter Members may apply to join the association and will be accepted at the discretion of the board
  • Supporter Members cannot also be a Representative of a Member Space
  • Supporter Members get a single vote in organisational decisions, subject to the weighting applied to Supporter Members
  • Supporter Members must pay a yearly membership fee of £10.
  • If an Supporter Member's membership fee goes unpaid for two months after being requested, they will cease to be a member.


  • The Foundation maintains an elected board to oversee general operation/administration whom:
    • must be Supporter Members,
    • should not also be active directors of a Hackspace,
    • are expected to have past experience of managing a Hackspace, or contributing to it