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Membership Requirements for Member Spaces

An organisation is eligible to join the UK Hackspace Foundation as a Member Space if it:

  • supports the goals of the UK Hackspace Foundation
  • is a non-profit association
  • has the primary aim of providing a shared workshop to its members for the purposes of science, technology, engineering, and art
  • is democratically controlled by its members, who have equal voting rights and actively participate in policies and making decisions
  • has a bank account
  • is based in the UK, Republic of Ireland, or Crown Dependencies
  • fosters a tolerant and inclusive community
  • has a clear, non-discriminatory process for members of the public to participate and become members
  • does not require affiliation with another organization, such as a university or employer, to be a full member

Applications to join will be decided by the Membership Committee, with appeals decided by the Board.

Interpretation Notes

An organisation will not normally meet these conditions unless it has its own legal identity, for example as an incorporated or unincorporated association.

An organisation is considered "democratically controlled" if the membership has the legal right to exercise control over the organisation, for example by removing directors or calling a general meeting. This does not impose a requirement to use voting for day-to-day operations.

A member space which only grants membership to members of marginalised groups is considered to have a "non-discriminatory" membership policy if this action would be allowed by s158 of the Equality Act 2010.