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Goals, structure and operation of the Hackspace Foundation

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Benefits of Being a Hackspace Foundation Member

These are things we intend to offer to member Hackspaces, some are already agreed in principle, others are aspirational

Confirmed (because they exist already)

  • Pre-negotiated Hackspace insurance policy (liability and contents)
  • Help and moral support from other spaces who've been there/done that
    • Case studies of what's worked, or not, at other spaces (e.g. access control, accounting)
    • Reference designs for common systems (e.g. access control, member management)

Agreed In Principle / Offered, but untested

  • Gratis CAD Suite licenses
  • Gratis CAM Software (which?)
  • Support sourcing free/surplus materials (e.g. networking kit)
  • Supplier discounts:
    • Rapid
    • Farnell (?)
    • mes3dfilaments.co.uk (via mailto:sales@metacad.co.uk)
    • CandyHero.com (discounts for bulk orders)
    • http://www.technobotsonline.com/


  • Centralised hosting for websites, etc
  • Federation network for websites and applications:
    • Diaspora/gnu social/mediagoblin nodes for interspace social media:'anybody know how a atomic force microscope works'(similar to rework network)
    • API booking visitors pass for a certain equipment. 'You have granted access to another space just to use this machine for 1 day'
    • email, xmpp, ...
    • 'trackable' Specialized and seldomly used tools that travel the spaces. E.G. 200mm spanner.
  • Supplier discounts:
    • Avnet
    • Mouser
    • RS Components
    • Digikey
    • Arrow
    • Igus