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Goals, structure and operation of the Hackspace Foundation

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Requirements for full membership


A hackspace (also known as Hackerspace, Makerspace, or arts and crafts club for the digital world) is a member run and community operated workspace, where people with similar interests can meet, socialize and collaborate. See hackerspace on Wikipedia.

Foundation Requirements

  • The UK Hackspace Foundation considers an organisation to be eligible to join as a Member Space, if it:
    • is member owned/operated,
    • is an unincorporated or incorporated association,
      • If incorporated, then it must be a not-for-profit / non-profit
    • is based in the UK, Republic of Ireland, or Crown Dependencies,
    • has a primary object of providing a shared workspace to its members,
    • has a bank account,
    • has ten or more members,
    • has a democratically elected board of at least 3 directors,
    • conducts its business by allowing each member over 16 one vote,
    • fosters a tolerent and inclusive community (see Code of Conduct),
    • encourages engagement with, and opening to, the public,
    • describes itself, or its activities, as a Hack(er)space (not necessary in the name or title of the group/business),
    • supporting of 'STEAM' (Science, Technology, Engineerings, Arts, Mathematics)
  • Conformance to these criteria is judged by the Foundation's board

Examples of organisations that would not meet this criteria include spaces that are: solely used as a rentable, accessible workshop with paid access mainly a private club, group or clique (with the exception of membership being a gateway to regular access)