Curated resources to aid starting and running a Hackspace

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The Hackspace Foundation is established to aid in the growth of the maker and hacking community by working with groups to develop and aid spaces that are inclusive, democratic, and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) orientated.

The organisation is run by and for Hackspaces to help co-operate, coordinate and promote Hackspaces and making in general.

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Introduction - The Hackspace Owners Manual

The Hackspace Owners Manual (HOM) is intended to be a wide surface coverage of anything that you might need to know to run a hackspace from starting up through accounting and even what kind of tooling you might like to invest in.

Each chapter of the HOM attempts to summarise the information you need whilst providing links to further reading resources and case studies of implementations in the given area of discussion. HOM tries to give you the facts of the area in a way that enables you to make informed decisions that are right for your organisation.

For further information see the The Hackspace Owners Manual section of the manual.

Books of the Manual

There are many areas to cover, this manual will likely never be complete so please think about contributing.


The infrastructure book is divided into many sections covering physical, IT and organisational infrastructure ranging from code of conduct authoring through to how to set up hosting for your website.

The Book of Infrastructure


Most people will find something interesting here from basic hand tools through to CNC machining with laser cutters or routers.

The Book of Workshop